Technology/Commercial Strategy Alignment

Is there a disconnect between your technology teams and your business leaders?

It's not unusual for the commercial strategy (sales, marketing, pricing, support, upsales, etc) of a company to be discussed and decided in one building by one team while the technology strategy (IT, most often) is discussed and decided in another building by a different team.

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This is nuts.

We offer a variety of services, from basic strategy audits to full-on strategy alignment projects.

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Project Implementation (Scoping & Delivery)

How well did the last few technology projects go? For most people the answer to that question is "not so well".

Implementing projects is often where "technology" seems to fail, whether the goal is a commercial goal or a more internally focused technical goal. Except technology doesn't fail. It just isn't being implemented properly.

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"Properly" means that it delivers results for the business, which means that we need to understand first what the business needs and only then design a solution. And then we need to implement the solution in a sensible flexible way, following an overall plan but not a rigid plan.

It IS possible.

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Operations Upgrade

Are your operations too dependent on "old fashioned" approaches? Do your sales or support people struggle to keep track of the cases or leads? Are your customers less than delighted with the overall experience? Does it all cost more than it should?

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Many sales and support organizations are stuck in the past. They look at having to hire more people as a good thing. They count the number of cases closed per day as a success metric. The approach to growth is often to pedal faster and wear people out rather than to see how technology and great people can combine to transform operations.

Work to straighten out the processes, to improve the systems, to improve the product itself. Align better with your partners and suppliers. In operations, either you make it all work together or you're letting your customers down.

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Organizational Transformation

Is your company ready for the future? Raring to go? Or stuck in a rut?

Whatever you need to achieve, you're likely to need to change the way your organization operates. This can be easy or hard, depending on how much active leadership and communication you're prepared to bring.

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First, however, you should get an understanding of the scale of change likely to be needed. Then you can decide how to proceed. In our experience the most effective way to change is - simply - to get on with it. The more fuss you make the more concern you'll cause and the more reluctance you can raise in your teams. But, once you've got the understanding of what's needed, that is your call.

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Client Insights & Commercial Planning

What are your overall business prospects? Have you got lots of new products in the pipeline? Lots of new clients clamouring to sign up? You should!

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Even if you're still working out your overall commercial strategy, we can help. We bring great insight into a number of key business areas, from marketing to product development to sales, etc. We typically then move on to a technology alignment project, but that's up to you. At least get an understanding of the overall commercial approach you should be following.

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Product/Roadmap Development

Do you have a clear and shared plan for what you're building or buying in the next 18 months?

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Once you've got an overall commercial and technology strategy, there are likely to be elements that you don't have in place. How much isn't in place will depend from company to company.

But whatever is needed, you'll need a plan and a timeline to go from an agreed strategy to a list of concrete deliverables. We can do that.

You shouldn't do everything at'll be too much to do and too much to absorb, so we recommend you take it piece-by-piece.

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