UK eCar Charging Points

Here is a map of the eCar Charging Stations in the UK, with the data from the UK Govt API, the OpenChargeMap dataset and a certain "Z-Map" also for the UK.

Have a look around. There are more charging points than you'd think.

Note that the UK govt data is actually quite incomplete compared to other sources.

This page is not mobile-friendly.

Right at the bottom is the plugshare map., which I'm looking into in detail. If a review is positive I might start to use the API to get the actual data.

UK Govt Data - with filters and multiple tabs - from early 2021


This is a snapshot of a certain map in the UK that shows all the UK (and Ireland) charging points.

I got the data by running a (deliberately slow) Python script across their API, which is exposed in their webpage.

It's interesting to do a comparison with the UK Govt Map. The data is a static snapshot.

OpenChargeMap Data

This is the UK view on the global OpenChargeMap data. Other tabs show the global view.