Go Eve tools

Here are a few of the little tools we're building in to the Go Eve website.

This page isn't really mobile compatible. but the tools themselves are. You can pop each one out in to its own window. See below.
And no....they're not beautifully styled...the graphic designer is off on another project for a while. 😋

There are three tools

  1. A little calculator to identify the tax savings you can currently get in the UK through their Salary Sacrifice Scheme. It's a no-brainer. Pop it out into its own window.

  2. A rough range indicator to show you more or less how far you could go in an electric car of a give \aqa12n WLTP range. This is centered on the UK but will work anywhere. Pop it out into its own window.

  3. A (geekier) car selection tool. It shows you how much range you can get for how much money. Pop it out into its own window.