There are many great books out there. This is just a selected few that might change the way you look at the world.

And no, there's no referral code on any of the links. Just take my word for it that these are worth reading.

Business in alphabetical order. Published in the 1960s and more than relevant today. Funny, insightful, straight to the point.

Much more about coaching yourself than about sailing, this book changes how you think about learning and practicing and trying.

Rushing into decisions is often a bad plan. Use the right kind of thinking for your decision making.

Don't rush into action. Take the right amount of time for a decision. And never ignore a problem.

Almost a cliche by now. But still makes a critical point in an accessible way. Included in every MBA course for very good reason.

Hard to recommend any single book from Drucker over any other, but this is a good place to start.

Lean is not new. Agile is not new. Good sense is not new. Just rare.

A hilarious book if you speak both languages. And if nothing else, an illustration that someone, somewhere has probably already had the problem you have. Don't reinvent the wheel before checking if it's already been invented.

He's written several great books. This one is one of the best. Codes, algorithms, and how to break them.

A completely new way to think about the history of the world. Revolutionary. Controversial.

Sometimes repetitive, but worth it.

Microservices are the "big new thing" in IT.

Except they're not new. This is where they really became useful.

Enron tried to hire me once. I was fortunate enough to think that they were talking sh*te. Lucky me. Many weren't so lucky. A story of lies.

Apart from being written by one of the smartest people I know, it's a great example of how to make complex engineering concepts accessible.

Being right (or close to right) is important. It's gotten a bad rap recently, with how people feel about things often taking precedence. That's a bad idea. Try to be right. Care about right. Look for right.

As we start to get towards the end of the oil age, this history of the oil business has even more relevance. Fascinating, thrilling, massive.

The Art of Plain Talk - Rudolf Flesch.pdf

Probably the best book ever written on how to express yourself clearly. If that matters to you.
Apparently now even out of copyright!

Written by a classmate, this gives great insights into both branding in general and branding for the world's fastest growing markets in particular. Worth thinking about.

For all I know the thesis of this book might be nonsense. But it's a fascinating read. And a wonderfully pretentious answer to 'what are you reading these days?'

Alex's Adventures in Numberland

The world is numbers. Everything is numbers. And yet we often treat high level numeracy as something to be reserved to "special people". It is not. Have fun with numbers. Start here.

Again, I'm not competent to say whether it's right or wrong. But a great read on what we are, what our brains are.