UK eCar route planner

This is a WIP route planner for eCars in the UK market. UK only for the moment. It'll cover all of Europe eventually. Pretty soon, actually.
It's not pretty and it's not really mobile-compatible (yet) but let me know if it works for you.

You need to put in an Origin and Destination before you see anything. Map doesn't load until then.

Note that where there is no "Model Variant", the car list will say - for instance - "Opel Ampera-e null". That means there's only one variant of the Opel Ampera-e. I'm leaving that there for clarity at the moment.

The parameters below car mean something like this...

  • Car initial charge - the level of the battery at the beginning of the route

  • Car charge tolerance - the level at which the planner will find a charging station for you

  • Car recharge value - the level to which the planner will calculate that your battery is charged to (80% is a recommended value for most cars)

  • The charger search radius is obvious

  • The charger search limit is the number of chargers the system will look for and present in the LOOOONG list on the left side.