Worldwide eCar Charging Points

These maps and charts of the world's eCar charging points from the OpenChargeMap data source on GitHub.

The map and charts are for illustrative and educational purposes only - to show people how many charging points are already in place. They should NOT be used for any other purpose. Last updated 01 Sept 2020. The data belongs to

Note that the aggregate data for amounts if installed power is NOT correct, particularly for Asia. Their data is largely crowdsourced so some countries have better data than others. The guys at OpenChargeMap know this. Plus, see this article on the topic of Asia.

And yes, you may notice some charging points in odd places. EU charging points in North America. Charging points in the middle of the sea, things like that. There are bad data points in several of the official data sets...what can I say!

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World charging point map & charts

A good electric route planner

One thing we're doing at my current client gig is building a tool as part of the product that is - essentially - the same as this rather neat tool out of Sweden. It's vital for any eCar use.
There are some in Britain and Ireland that only work in - well - Britain and Ireland.
Some ex-Ericsson people built this one, ironically enough (for me anyway). They did a nice job.