o6o international


Hugh Sheehy focuses on offering multi-national and multi-discipline experience, and using that experience to drive successful outcomes. Historically and nowadays, often working under his "o6o international" umbrella.

The experience comes from both industry and strategy consulting, and with geographical coverage extending to Ireland, the UK, mainland Europe, south and south-east Asia, the USA and Latin America. He also speaks Spanish, Dutch, and (rusty) French.

With broad skills in sales and marketing as well as in both commercial and technology strategy development and many examples of successful technology and business implementations there's a lot of knowledge to bring to the game. That, and and a desire to work with clients in a no-nonsense manner.

Having worked in both startups (Red Herring Top 100 2008 & e-Excellence Award Cebit 2008) and in corporates (Winner of a "One Google" award for leadership of multinational teams), Hugh understands how both worlds work.

We cover a rare combination of strategy and implementation in;

  • advising executive management on strategic direction

  • defining and improving business and technology strategies

  • evaluating both new and existing business opportunities

  • managing operations and supporting new business and business process launches or expansions

  • implementing new business and technology systems

How we work

We work with the client, not as outsiders but as if we were owners. We create teams from internal staff, delivery consultants (e.g. Accenture), and whoever else is needed to deliver. Or if you're a smaller company, either internal staff or internal staff and a few selected contractors.

This is the best way to provide results, not just reports.

We bring:

  • a practical and direct focus, always with immediate application of our work

  • a history of turning complex technologies into products and services your customers will happily pay for

  • a history of successful business and technology implementation

  • experience as line-management and with senior executive capabilities

The name

"Where did that name come from?"

Like many things - it's a long story. It started off as the name of a lecture theater where mathematics and thermodynamics were once taught. Then it became a metaphor for an unusual combination of numeracy and literacy.

After that things get a little complicated and esoteric. And a bit of an inside joke.

But, we've used the name for a while and it has personal meaning, so that's it.